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Decision Analysis

Check the health of your decision-making

IESE Insight The COVID-19 pandemic means it's resolutely not business as usual for companies across the globe. But the rules of excellent decision-making hold firm while everything else changes. Read article
Knowledge and Communication

Thomas Leubner: "Giving back to society keeps me motivated"

IESE Insight How can companies use education and training opportunities to keep their workforce up to date while also furthering social aims? Thomas Leubner, Siemens' Head of Global Learning and Education based in Munich, explains how his company does it. Read article
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Statistics for social good: trying to model better coronavirus predictions

Azar, José; Neckebrouck, Jeroen Logistic growth models might help with COVID-19 forecasting, say professors Jeroen Neckebrouck and José Azar. Here's a look at a side project they launched to help get a handle on the public health crisis. Read article

Coping with the coronavirus crisis: A guide for business leaders

IESE Insight How can executives keep calm and lead during the COVID-19 outbreak? Six experts discuss resilient strategies, clear crisis communications, reducing anxiety, increasing health security and more to help leaders respond to the pandemic as proactively as possible. Read article
Leadership and People Management

A realist's guide to happiness

IESE Insight Forget what you know about happiness. To become more positive, embrace the negative. This and other practical tips from positive psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar. Read article