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How to design a Merry Christmas campaign

Sánchez-Lozano, Santiago; Antoja, Núria; Bernabé, Lluís What are the key features of a Christmas marketing campaign that will make the season bright? Three experts weigh in on what works for a holly jolly Christmas campaign. Read article
Service and Operations Management

Gaby-Luise Wüst: "It's important to have a purpose that you're able to communicate clearly"

Sachon, Marc The President of Audi China discusses the evolution of the auto market in Asia, and why she believes it is an exciting time for the industry. In this interview with IESE's Marc Sachon, Wüst reveals the four pillars of her management philosophy. Read article

How to forge alliances in the social economy

IESE Insight What are some of the main stumbling blocks when it comes to teaming up with the social enterprises that make up the social economy? Leaders share their alliance experiences and lessons learned, with a focus on the people involved. Read article
Information Technologies

3 success factors for crowdfunding

Kyriakou, Harris; Genc, Yegin Crowdfunding is creating opportunities for many innovators. Studying successful campaigns also shines a light on innovation that even the largest corporation can learn from. Research by IESE's Harris Kyriakou identifies three key factors that help predict success. Read article

Time check: how to control your agenda so it doesn't control you

IESE Insight In the busy CEO agenda, crucial time for reflection is the one thing that tends to get squeezed out. In this interview, Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria shares insights from his research into how CEOs spend their time to help you think about how you are spending your own. Read article

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