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Service and Operations Management

Resource flexibility: how it can unlock better decision-making through learning

Jiri Chod; Mihalis Markakis; Nikolaos Trichakis Investing in flexible resources -- as opposed to dedicated (task-specific) ones -- can yield better data from which managers can learn more about underlying business trends. Discover the previously unexplored learning benefits of flexibility. Read article

Why are wages so low in so many markets?

José Azar; Ioana Marinescu; Marshall Steinbaum; Bledi Taska When a large company comes to town, many rejoice that new jobs come, too. But an award-winning paper in Labour Economics shows that 60% of U.S. labor markets have a high degree of labor market concentration, which seems to suppress workers' wages in those areas. Read article

Optimizing influencers' influence: which brands to promote where?

Isabelle Engeler; Kate Barasz Whose opinion about running shoes would you trust more? Someone loyal to one brand or someone who mixes and matches up their exercise gear? Research by Isabelle Engeler points to the latter. Read article
Accounting and Control

What is the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing?

Pietro Bonetti; Christian Leuz; Giovanna Michelon Pietro Bonetti and coauthors decided to study the role of disclosure rules for companies engaging in hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking. Their research has led to a novel way of assessing fracking's impact on surface water. Read article

How to escape the success trap -- and not fall into another one

Enrique Ide Research suggests that current success can be detrimental to innovation, even in a completely "rational" or "hyper-paranoid" organization. IESE's Enrique Ide offers advice to escape the success trap. Read article

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