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Benchwarming or bias? Do coaches in the NBA discriminate based on race?

Maoret, Massimo; Ertug, Gokhan Recent research suggested that basketball coaches in the NBA were more likely to assign playing time to players of their own race. But Massimo Maoret and Gokhan Ertug found that the bias evaporated when a common strategy called "resting the starters" was factored in. Read article
Knowledge and Communication

Keys to confronting crises, from a hospital fighting COVID-19

IESE Insight Anticipating problems, protecting your people, and working in close cooperation with your stakeholders: these are some of the lessons the University of Navarra Clinic takes from its fight against COVID-19 in Spain. Read article
Leadership and People Management

Approaches to HRM in Non-Western Countries

Lee, Yih-Teen; Elvira, Marta; Dávila, Anabella; Brewster, Chris; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Wood, Geoff; Collins, Ngan; Zhu, Yin Approaches to HR management (HRM) differ from culture to culture. IESE's Yih-teen Lee and Marta Elvira, along with an international team of academics, sought to deepen their understanding of HRM in emerging economies. Their presentation, one of three finalists for the Best International Symposium Award at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, helps HR practitioners gain nuanced insights into HRM in emerging economies. Read article
Innovation and Change

Building a Creative Culture in an Organization

Miller, Paddy; Brankovic, A. Does innovation depend on "Eureka!" moments, experienced only by a lucky few? Creativity and innovation may seem like moving targets, but building a culture that encourages systemic creativity in an organization is possible, as IESE's Paddy Miller and Azra Brankovic explain. Read article
Decision Analysis

Changing the Rules of the Game

IESE Insight Sometimes the best way to get a jump on rivals is to rewrite the norms. When your turn comes, be ready to go! This executive dossier includes the following articles: Get on Top of Your Game, The High Stakes of Low-Cost Competition, Shaping an Industry in Your Favor, and Decentralization Is the New Center of Command. Read article

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