Research Papers


Why winners keep winning: the knock-on effect of early VC success

Nanda, Ramana; Samila, Sampsa; Sorenson, Olav Early venture capital success often leads to continued success. New research explores how VC firms maintain these winning streaks, and shows that to access lucrative investments, VC managers' individual skills matter less than their track record. Read article
Leadership and People Management

Collectivists or individuals? How relational mobility affects worldview

San Martín, Álvaro; Schug, J.; Maddux, William W. Is it easy to make new friends where you live and work? The answer to this question has implications for how you and your colleagues think -- analytically or holistically -- according to scientific research. Read article
Service and Operations Management

Big spenders? Public infrastructure doesn't have to be a resource drain

Calvo, Eduard; Cui, Ruomeng; Serpa, Juan Camilo Public infrastructure projects are notorious for going over their allotted time and budget. IESE's Eduard Calvo describes how this can best be avoided. Read article

Don't feed the zombies: a key lesson from the European debt crisis

Acharya, Viral V.; Eisert, Tim; Eufinger, Christian; Hirsch, Christian Zombie lending has prolonged the pain of Europe's sovereign debt crisis, especially in Italy, where economic woes continue. New research links an effort to save the euro in 2012 to more zombie lending -- and points to what could be done differently. Read article
Service and Operations Management

When diagnosis is part of the service: Learning and treating efficiently

Bimpikis, Kostas; Markakis, Mihalis Is it just a fever or something more serious? When providing services that range from simple to complex, as in health care, not knowing what's required for each patient leads to wasted resources and inefficient staffing. So, how can this kind of system be optimized? Read article