Leadership and People Management

Leadership Development in a Post-Crisis World

Canals, Jordi There is an acute sense that the recent financial crisis was a crisis of leadership, both at the government and corporate levels. The new book, The Future of Leadership Development, edited by IESE Dean Jordi Canals, and featuring contributions by leading scholars and deans of top international business schools, offers an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of leadership development in light of new managerial challenges, such as globalization and the financial crisis. Read article

People Are Our Greatest Asset, and Other Management Lies

The array of falsehoods that circulate in the theory and practice of running a business is extensive, and many have even become maxims that are universally accepted as being true. In his book Management by Lies: Myths and Lies in Business Administration, IESE Prof. Jaume Llopis discusses some of the most popular ones regarding boards of directors, finance and marketing. This book also proposes guidelines for developing intelligent management. Read article

The Juande Method of Managing Change

Kase, Kimio; Urrutia de Hoyos, Ignacio Before Juande Ramos took over Real Madrid, the soccer team was going nowhere. But under his special brand of leadership, things turned around dramatically, with 16 straight wins. A new book reveals the secrets that helped the coach secure titles, and considers whether executives could apply “the Juande method” to resurrect a failing company. Read article

Shedding Misconceptions About Family Business

Tàpies, Josep While it is sometimes true that family businesses do not survive past the first generation, and that most SMEs, in Spain at least, are family-run, it cannot be presumed that all family businesses are SMEs, nor that a family business is, by definition, shorter lived than a non-family one. A new book by IESE Prof. Josep Tàpies redresses these and other common myths. Read article

To Plan or Not to Plan in the Mittelstand?

In uncertain times, preparing for the future is more important than ever. That’s why all the biggest companies subscribe to strategic management. But what about the many small and medium enterprises that provide the majority of jobs in Germany? In “Strategic Management in the German Mittelstand: An Empirical Investigation,” Klaus Deimel, Sascha Kraus and Sebastian Reiche address this, along with tackling the reasons why some enterprises prefer to shoot from the hip rather than plan a sensible strategy. Read article

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