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Corporate Governance

Plugging the Globalization Knowledge Gap

Ghemawat, Pankaj The world may only be around 10-25 percent globalized, but to take advantage of the opportunities presented by semi-globalization, today's firms demand more international business knowledge from graduates. To address the knowledge gap, IESE Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat has compiled the Globalization Note Series, covering the globalization of markets and firms, cultural differences, and ownership and governance around the world. Read article
Leadership and People Management

With a Good Coach, Change is Possible

Poelmans, Steven It’s not as bad as you think: Sometimes bad feelings at work are nothing to do with the situation itself but rather the way it is constructed and interpreted in a person’s mind. Using cognitive psychology, a coach can redirect negative thought patterns and help the coachee view reality through a different lens. “La comunicación en el proceso del coaching” (“Communication in the Coaching Process”) reviews the main techniques. Read article

Building Prosperity Through Architecture

Nueno, José Luis

When is a building more than a building? And what effect can a spectacular architectural creation have on the economy of its urban home? Emblematic buildings can bring economic, socio-cultural, environmental, touristic and commercial impact to a city or region, and define a city itself. These buildings and their impact warrant a closer look.

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Corporate Governance

Objective: Making It to CEO

Pin Arboledas, José Ramón Everyone wants to make it to the top in their chosen career, but not everybody achieves that goal. This article takes an in-depth look at the different stages an executive must go through to become a CEO or to earn whatever other job title is used to describe the person at the apex of a business organization. Read article

Keys to Avoiding Another Subprime Crisis

Soley, Jorge The subprime crisis started with the mortgages that go by the same name, but have ended up affecting the financial system in general and, consequently, investors and private parties. What strategies can help financial institutions overcome this crisis? IESE Prof. Jorge Soley sifts through these in his technical note "Aspectos financieros de la crisis subprime" ("Financial Aspects of the Subprime Crisis"). Read article

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