Technical Notes

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Key features for whistleblowing systems

Potito, Gianmichele; Aznar, Enrique; Vaccaro, Antonino Wrongdoing and corruption come with high social costs. And no country is immune. Antonino Vaccaro, Gianmichele Potito and Enrique Aznar offer five keys to putting effective whistleblowing policies into place. Read article
Leadership and People Management

How Much Do You Make?

Gómez, Sandalio; García Fonseca, Ana It is not easy to make a precise and objective analysis of a subject that arouses such fierce emotions as pay. Often, people deal with it in simplistic terms, as if the most important thing were to answer questions such as: How much should a person be paid to join a company? Or to stop her from leaving the company? Why is this person paid more than her colleague? Etc. Everybody has their own ideas, their own experience, their own opinions, and there are so many aspects to the issue that everybody feels they are right. Bearing this in mind, Professor Sandalio Gómez and Research Assistant Ana García Fonseca of IESE try to shed light o­n this complex subject in their technical note "Fixed and Variable Pay: New Approaches". Read article
Leadership and People Management

11 digitalization-driven changes in people management

Corral, Jerónimo; Rodríguez-Lluesma, Carlos Digitalization is changing products, work processes, services and business models. It's also leading companies to reconsider their people management policies to keep up with cultural shifts, as Carlos Rodríguez-Lluesma and Jerónimo Corral explain. Read article
Information Technologies

5 Keys to Business in the Digital Age

Valor Sabatier, Josep Risks or opportunities? Josep Valor analyzes five fundamental concepts of the digital economy and poses questions for reflection to help evaluate whether they present a threat or opportunity for your company. Read article
Leadership and People Management

6 Strategies to Get the Most out of Feedback

Elghanayan, Ruben; Gallego, Sheila; Ribera, Alberto As much as we might try to accept our annual performance review rationally, it's hard to deny the emotional component. Here are strategies to help you handle criticism constructively. Read article

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