What kind of relationship should I have with Amazon?

Jané, Joan Getting onto Amazon's e-commerce platform usually sends sales skyrocketing. But, let the seller beware: there are strings attached. Read article

Barcelona Sells: BCN Brand's Rapid Ascent

Oliver, Xavier; Sicart, Sara Eternal summer? An urban, stylish lifestyle? What does Barcelona evoke for you? BCN Brand plays to the public imagination of the city of Gaudí and beauty on the beach, selling everything from colorful sneakers to fire extinguishers. The case study, "BCN Brand: Selling Barcelona Around the World," tracks the marketing moves and asks what comes next. Read article
Leadership and People Management

Pau Gasol: Courting a Successful Career

Álvarez de Mon, Santiago; Flores Alonso, Juan Enrique Now playing with the Chicago Bulls, the Spanish basketball player has managed to fill his career with successes. Which have been his best moves? Santiago Álvarez de Mon and Juan Enrique Flores look at Gasol's professional trajectory, taking into account the game plans, contract terms and more. Read article
Service and Operations Management

Aernnova: Where in the World?

Calvo, Eduard; Orozco, Jesús Arturo; Estrada, Miguel In 2007, Spain's leading maker of aircraft structures, Aernnova, planned to internationalize its operations and become more cost competitive in the process. Where in the world should the company go? To China, where its clients were heading, or to Mexico, with its cultural similarities and other benefits? Eduardo Calvo, Jesús Arturo Orozco and Miguel Estrada analyze the dilemma. Read article

Suchard: This Christmas, a Farewell to Traditional Advertising?

Villanueva, Julián; Güell, Rocío; Sánchez-Lozano, Santiago For decades, the chocolate turrón of Suchard has been a fixture on the Christmas tables of Spanish consumers. Although the Suchard brand was well known for its traditional ad campaign each holiday season, a new management team considered changing the communication strategy dramatically. Would a change in tack pay off? Read article

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