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Elevator tips on negotiation

Date:  01/10/2019 Area(s):  Leadership and People Management Document type:  Interview How might you best "lift" your odds of having a successful negotiation? In the first entry of our new video series, Elevator Tips, IESE's Kandarp Mehta suggests seeking advice rather than making a claim, especially when there's a power imbalance. Read article

Toolkit for tomorrow's executives

Date:  03/07/2019 Area(s):  Information Technologies; Knowledge and Communication Document type:  Report With 80% of CEOs worried about finding enough employees with the skills to handle digital disruption, here we highlight seven necessary traits, based on interviews with media executives affected by digital transformation. These insights are applicable to many sectors. Read article

Prepare your business to make the most of AI

Date:  01/04/2019 Area(s):  Information Technologies; Innovation and Change Document type:  Report AI algorithms are already available to most companies. Soon they will become an abundant commodity. This is why data are the most precious resource of all. This has several implications.
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Dealing with Brexit. Or how to manage uncertainty.

Date:  15/03/2019 Area(s):  Economics; Strategy Document type:  Report Amid the enormous uncertainty of Brexit, how can companies manage? To begin with, quantify your risks, pay more attention to geopolitics and seek out alternative markets. Check out these insights and more from IESE Business School professors. Read article

Working for a Healthy Society | 25th Healthcare IESE Industry Meeting

Date:  13/03/2019 Area(s):  Economics; Service and Operations Management; Strategy; Innovation and Change Document type:  Report The Industry Meeting offers top executives in healthcare firms, healthcare professionals, academics and field experts a distinguished platform to share their experience and insight on the industry’s current situation and its future, and to continue the search for innovative ways to respond to the enormous challenges faced by the healthcare industry. ... Read article

Reinvent Banking or Improve Bank Management?

Date:  08/03/2019 Area(s):  Finance Document type:  Report IESE-CIF organised the 14 Banking Industry Meeting in collaboration with EY. Regulators, academics, consultants and senior executives from the banking industry had the opportunity to exchange views on a panorama that is as challenging as it is exciting. Read article

Dimensions for an Effective Energy Transition

Date:  08/03/2019 Area(s):  Strategy; Innovation and Change Document type:  Report At the 16th Energy Industry Meeting, we discussed these topics while placing special emphasis on some of the factors that will help ensure effective energy transition. We took a close look at disruption in business models, technology and geopolitics in terms of the energy and environmental scenarios of the year 2030 and the role of all stakeholders ... Read article

Back to the Future

Date:  08/03/2019 Area(s):  Service and Operations Management; Strategy; Innovation and Change Document type:  Report In this year's 33rd edition of our annual meeting of the automotive industry, IESE AUTO, we shed some light on these questions while also addressing the issues related to the Spanish, European and global markets. We continued our tradition of providing a premier platform for senior executives from the automotive industry, industry experts and leading ... Read article

The 4 key pillars of intelligent connectivity

Date:  25/02/2019 Area(s):  Information Technologies Document type:  Interview This year's MWC Barcelona will reflect the scope of digital transformation sweeping the globe. IESE Business School professor Javier Zamora explains the four pillars of intelligent connectivity, the theme of MWC 2019. Read article

Business Trends for 2019

Date:  18/12/2018 Area(s):  Information Technologies; Economics; Finance; Marketing; Entrepreneurship Document type:  Interview Which advancements, disruptions and events will shape the business world in 2019? IESE professors' predictions include Brexit, blockchain and "the Age of Assistance," among many others. Enjoy an expert preview of the year to come. Read article
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