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  How much will COVID-19 shake the world economy?

Fernandes, Nuno "The potential impacts of the coronavirus crisis are larger than any previously seen in history," warns Nuno Fernandes in a new report. The economies of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are predicted to be among the most affected. Read article

  5 golden rules to avoid M&A disaster

Fernandes, Nuno Nuno Fernandes' new book, The Value Killers: How Mergers and Acquisitions Cost Companies Billions--And How to Prevent It, offers research-backed advice to save companies from M&A havoc. Read article

  When Diversifying Internationally, Industries Count More than Countries

Campa, José Manuel; Fernandes, Nuno In the days of high stock market volatility, the question of how to reduce risk is foremost in portfolio managers' minds. International diversification is o­ne way to answer this question. What drives diversification benefits from international investment? Countries? Or Industries? In their paper "Sources of Gains from International Portfolio Diversification," José Manuel Campa of IESE Business School and Nuno Fernandes of Universidade Católica Portuguesa provide evidence of the increasing importance that industry factors have relative to country factors in explaining investment returns, particularly in the last ten years. Read article
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