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  Life after lockdown: tracking apps, more virtualization and new priorities

IESE Insight Ready for coronavirus contact-tracing apps and virtual healthcare? A pivot away from excess consumption and materialism? Living in China and working in telemedicine, Myra Yu shares her perspective on what the road ahead might offer as lockdowns are lifted. Read article

  Check the health of your decision-making

IESE Insight The COVID-19 pandemic means it's resolutely not business as usual for companies across the globe. But the rules of excellent decision-making hold firm while everything else changes. Read article

  Emerging economies on brink of default

IESE Insight With dollar-denominated debt and weakened local currencies, many emerging economies need international assistance now to avoid defaults. If international institutions don't help, we'll come to question them in this crisis and beyond. Read article

  Show them you CARE: managing people in times of crisis

IESE Insight How can leaders and HR professionals mobilize people for common goals when everyone is feeling anxious and working from home? To make remote work feel less remote, IESE's Anneloes Raes presents her CARE model to help manage people well amid a crisis. Read article

  Thomas Leubner: "Giving back to society keeps me motivated"

IESE Insight How can companies use education and training opportunities to keep their workforce up to date while also furthering social aims? Thomas Leubner, Siemens' Head of Global Learning and Education based in Munich, explains how his company does it. Read article

  Keys to telecommuting during, and after, the lockdown

IESE Insight Working from home during the lockdown is stressful for more than 40% of Spaniards surveyed. In this unusual situation, Mireia Las Heras offers advice for getting organized and managing both your team and your boss -- now and after the crisis ends. Read article

  How to prepare for when the storm clears

IESE Insight Like all storms, this too will pass, and there will be a day after. For that day, IESE's Miquel Lladó advises that now is the time to prepare. He offers tips for executives to start thinking about the future strategically. Read article

  Mutually assured construction: Negotiating cooperatively to rebuild after the crisis

IESE Insight Never have win-win negotiations been more necessary -- and challenging -- than during the coronavirus crisis. Our future may depend on negotiations that achieve our objectives and also build relationships based on trust and hope. And, yes, getting this all done online. Read article

  Where do we go from here? Economic scenarios

Núria Mas; IESE Insight How will the economic impact of COVID-19 be felt? With so many unknowns, simulations based on varying assumptions can help leaders prepare for whatever might be next. Here are a few things to look at for the year ahead. Read article

  Cash is king: advice for CFOs

IESE Insight The coronavirus crisis has brought a liquidity crisis for companies. Javier Santoma, professor of Financial Management at IESE, suggests the measures that CFOs should be taking to help make sure their businesses survive. Read article
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