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  Principles or practical rules?

Pastor, Alfredo A balanced budget: is it a moral obligation or a rule of thumb? To what extent should it steer an economic recovery during the pandemic caused by COVID-19? Read article

  Globalization, diversification and COVID-19

Mueller-Frank, Manuel Our economic and financial systems are not built to deal with correlation. That was a problem for the 2008-09 financial crisis, but it's even more of a problem with COVID-19. How might we plan better this time around? Read article

  5 steps to measure the social impact of your company

Muller, Philip; Fontrodona, Joan Measuring the social impact of your company is crucial to determine if your initiatives are contributing to positive change in society. This notebook from IESE's CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility breaks down the keys to carrying out a good analysis. Read article

  Corporate venturing ecosystems: Boosting your capability and efficiency

Siota, Josemaria; Prats, Mª Julia What do companies such as Disney, Samsung and Formula 1 have in mind when choosing between engaging directly with a startup or through an intermediary? How can the right intercessor be chosen? This study sheds some light, while debunking frequent myths. Read article

  Super Bowl Sunday: Kickoff time for advertising

IESE Insight

With 1 in 4 viewers saying they tune in to the Super Bowl just for the commercials, the American football championship has become a major opportunity for advertisers. How are brands using the event? Plus: IESE's Iñigo Gallo recommends how to stay ahead of the trends.

Read article

  The problem with pensions in France

Pastor, Alfredo France has lived through three attempts to reform its pension system over the last quarter century. Would it make sense to try a new approach? As Alfredo Pastor observes, not all issues on the negotiating table are economic in nature. Read article

  6 charts to understand the global economy now

Mas, Núria What are we economists looking at now? Here are six charts that help us understand economic growth trends, trade tensions, Brexit uncertainty, tools beyond quantitative easing, and the future of work. Read article

  8 keys to happiness, according to experts

IESE Insight Is "the pursuit of happiness" even possible? This roundup of books, videos and websites -- along with a reflection by IESE's Santiago Álvarez de Mon -- will give you plenty of food for thought as you contemplate your life and set goals for the year ahead. Read article

  The mistake of allocating more resources to your best customers

Valentí, Albert; Srinivasan, Shuba; Yildirim, Gokhan; Pauwels, Koen Chances are, you allocate your direct mail marketing budget to your top customers and use email for everyone else. If so, you're doing it all wrong, according to a new study led by Albert Valenti. Read article Economic Reforms Just a Click Away

IESE Insight What is the scope of the reforms undertaken in Spain since the onset of the economic crisis? How much weight have international recommendations carried?, a website launched by IESE's Public-Private Sector Research Center, systematically tracks and analyzes the commitments and progress of the economic reforms adopted by the Spanish Government. Read article
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