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  How to plan an orderly return to work

Muller, Philip; Fontrodona, Joan As lockdowns are lifted, companies are getting back to their businesses riddled with uncertainty. Drawing from experiences after natural disasters and terrorist attacks, Joan Fontrodona and Philip Muller offer a series of guidelines to organize "operation return." Read article

  5 strategies to build an alliance for social good

Arias Padilla, Diego; Fontrodona, Joan It's clearer than ever that business and social initiatives need to work together to build a better world. An alliance to vaccinate millions of at-risk children is an inspiring example as the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine accelerates. Read article

  Female board members wanted: Spain is still far from gender parity

Atrevia; IESE Female representation on the boards of Spain's listed companies continues to grow, but still trails behind the 2020 objectives. Read article

  Corporate venturing: a bridge for Europe's Valley of Death

Siota, Josemaria; Alunni, Andrea; Riveros-Chacón, Paola; Wilson, Mark Europe, like other regions, is excellent at moving from money to research but falls short at moving from research to money. How to reduce the gap to support innovation? Read article

  Super Bowl Sunday: Kickoff time for advertising

IESE Insight

With 1 in 4 viewers saying they tune in to the Super Bowl just for the commercials, the American football championship has become a major opportunity for advertisers. How are brands using the event? Plus: IESE's Iñigo Gallo recommends how to stay ahead of the trends.

Read article

  Corporate venturing in Latin America: Illuminating a blind spot

Siota, Josemaria; Prats, Mª Julia Linking established firms to innovative startups, corporate venturing is happening across the globe, but there's scant information available on the practice in Latin America -- until now. A 2020 study tracks regional adoption and makes site-specific recommendations. Read article

  The problem with pensions in France

Pastor, Alfredo France has lived through three attempts to reform its pension system over the last quarter century. Would it make sense to try a new approach? As Alfredo Pastor observes, not all issues on the negotiating table are economic in nature. Read article

  6 charts to understand the global economy now

Mas, Núria What are we economists looking at now? Here are six charts that help us understand economic growth trends, trade tensions, Brexit uncertainty, tools beyond quantitative easing, and the future of work. Read article

  8 keys to happiness, according to experts

IESE Insight Is "the pursuit of happiness" even possible? This roundup of books, videos and websites -- along with a reflection by IESE's Santiago Álvarez de Mon -- will give you plenty of food for thought as you contemplate your life and set goals for the year ahead. Read article

  Health and (h)appiness: in search of the right business model

Antoja, Gabriel; Ribera, Jaume; Mur, Javier Mobile health (mHealth) apps are experiencing double-digit annual growth rates, according to some studies. Yet many initiatives fail to find the right formula to stay afloat, says a report led by Jaume Ribera. Read article
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