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  Take the iceberg challenge for better segmentation

Jorge González When it comes to market segmentation, key factors for your business may lie beneath the surface. Learn to dive deep and develop a more profound understanding of your customers with the "iceberg challenge" proposed by IESE marketing professor Jorge Gonzalez. Read article

  7 steps to innovate amid high digital density

Jesús Pérez Balaguer; Robert Wayne Gregory; Javier Zamora

How can companies create new value propositions in high-digital-density environments? Jesús Pérez Balaguer, Robert W. Gregory and Javier Zamora propose a seven-step methodology based on the "jobs to be done" theory.

Read article

  The five layers of a good digital experience

Luis Ferrandiz; Julián Villanueva; Carmen Balmaseda User experience (UX) is the cornerstone of app and website profitability. This practical note breaks down the five key elements of UX design, taking as an example. Read article

  Key features for whistleblowing systems

Gianmichele Potito; Enrique Aznar; Antonino Vaccaro Wrongdoing and corruption come with high social costs. And no country is immune. Antonino Vaccaro, Gianmichele Potito and Enrique Aznar offer five keys to putting effective whistleblowing policies into place. Read article

  11 digitalization-driven changes in people management

Jerónimo Corral; Carlos Rodríguez-Lluesma Digitalization is changing products, work processes, services and business models. It's also leading companies to reconsider their people management policies to keep up with cultural shifts, as Carlos Rodríguez-Lluesma and Jerónimo Corral explain. Read article

  5 Keys to Business in the Digital Age

Josep Valor Sabatier Risks or opportunities? Josep Valor analyzes five fundamental concepts of the digital economy and poses questions for reflection to help evaluate whether they present a threat or opportunity for your company. Read article

  6 Strategies to Get the Most out of Feedback

Ruben Elghanayan; Sheila Gallego; Alberto Ribera As much as we might try to accept our annual performance review rationally, it's hard to deny the emotional component. Here are strategies to help you handle criticism constructively. Read article

  Winning Strategies for Team Negotiations

Kandarp Mehta; Guido Stein Negotiating as a team has definite advantages over going solo, but it also presents major challenges along the way. Preparation is key. Certain strategies can help you meet team challenges and negotiate better. Read article

  Inbound Marketing: How to Make Your Clients Come to You

Mario Capizzani; Pau Valdés Web 2.0 has changed how we look for, compare and acquire products and services. Building on this change in behavior, a new form of marketing works to attract customers organically instead of trying to "push" people into purchases. IESE's Mario Capizzani breaks it down. Read article

  20 Tips for Making Intuitive Decisions

Roberto García-Castro; Isabel García-Méndez Although we live in the age of big data, most strategic decisions are still guided by intuition. To improve our gut decisions, it's wise to work on the inputs that tacitly inform them. Here are 20 tips to guide the intuition process. Read article
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