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  Principles or practical rules?

Pastor, Alfredo A balanced budget: is it a moral obligation or a rule of thumb? To what extent should it steer an economic recovery during the pandemic caused by COVID-19? Read article

  Facing the present to prepare for the future

Mas, Núria To overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19, we must strengthen our health system and invest in economic transformation, while empowering people for the jobs of the future. Read article

  Globalization, diversification and COVID-19

Mueller-Frank, Manuel Our economic and financial systems are not built to deal with correlation. That was a problem for the 2008-09 financial crisis, but it's even more of a problem with COVID-19. How might we plan better this time around? Read article

  Coping with the coronavirus crisis: A guide for business leaders

IESE Insight How can executives keep calm and lead during the COVID-19 outbreak? Six experts discuss resilient strategies, clear crisis communications, reducing anxiety, increasing health security and more to help leaders respond to the pandemic as proactively as possible. Read article

  Coronavirus: exposing the importance of market diversification

Díaz Giménez, Javier In our very integrated global economy, epidemics such as the coronavirus, which broke out in China, touch every market in the world. On top of health concerns, it's an important reminder to business leaders to diversify in terms of suppliers and customers, says IESE's Javier Díaz Giménez. Read article

  The problem with pensions in France

Pastor, Alfredo France has lived through three attempts to reform its pension system over the last quarter century. Would it make sense to try a new approach? As Alfredo Pastor observes, not all issues on the negotiating table are economic in nature. Read article

  6 charts to understand the global economy now

Mas, Núria What are we economists looking at now? Here are six charts that help us understand economic growth trends, trade tensions, Brexit uncertainty, tools beyond quantitative easing, and the future of work. Read article

  The Amazon effect: ready for the next disruption?

IESE Insight Amazon, celebrating its 25th anniversary, has grown into an e-commerce giant capable of transforming any sector it touches. Here's how that happened (and what may happen next). Read article

  Brexit's impact on 4 key sectors

Ariño, Africa; Daniels, Chris; Caldart, Adrian; Orr, Edward; Rosenberg, Mike Few, if any, companies anticipated Brexit. Now we're all being rocked by the uncertainties, since no one knows quite how this messy divorce will play out. Of course, some sectors are being harder hit than others. Read article

  A Global Survival Guide

Rosenberg, Mike Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of protectionist -- even xenophobic -- political movements in other industrialized democracies raise questions about the state of globalization today. So how should we deal with the complexity of global strategy going forward? Read article
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