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  The Big Picture: Teleworking, the new normal?

IESE Insight How did salaried professionals who had never worked from home before react to the experience during the coronavirus lockdowns? Do you see yourself in the results of these surveys? How might your work culture change as a result? Read article

  Stretch assignment: resources for staying well during lockdown

IESE Insight Living life and going to work in the age of coronavirus takes its toll physically, emotionally and mentally. A survey of European workers by IESE's Jeroen Neckebrouck finds those who maintained an exercise routine coped better. Read article

  Corporate venturing ecosystems: Boosting your capability and efficiency

Josemaria Siota; Mª Julia Prats What do companies such as Disney, Samsung and Formula 1 have in mind when choosing between engaging directly with a startup or through an intermediary? How can the right intercessor be chosen? This study sheds some light, while debunking frequent myths. Read article

  Resilience, a key concept for the world's smartest cities

Pascual Berrone; Joan Enric Ricart London once again tops IESE's annual ranking of the smartest cities in the world. As COVID-19 forces a rethink of urban strategies everywhere, resilience emerges as tomorrow's leading concern. Read article

  Mutually assured construction: Negotiating cooperatively to rebuild after the crisis

IESE Insight Never have win-win negotiations been more necessary -- and challenging -- than during the coronavirus crisis. Our future may depend on negotiations that achieve our objectives and also build relationships based on trust and hope. And, yes, getting this all done online. Read article

  Corporate venturing: a bridge for Europe's Valley of Death

Josemaria Siota; Andrea Alunni; Paola Riveros-Chacón; Mark Wilson Europe, like other regions, is excellent at moving from money to research but falls short at moving from research to money. How to reduce the gap to support innovation? Read article

  Corporate venturing in Latin America: Illuminating a blind spot

Josemaria Siota; Mª Julia Prats Linking established firms to innovative startups, corporate venturing is happening across the globe, but there's scant information available on the practice in Latin America -- until now. A 2020 study tracks regional adoption and makes site-specific recommendations. Read article

  4 ways family firms are letting outside investors in

Jeroen Neckebrouck; Miguel Meuleman; Sophie Manigart More family businesses are opening up to external investors these days. IESE's Jeroen Neckebrouck maps out four main scenarios, based on two key questions, and points to their governance implications. Read article

  Why winners keep winning: the knock-on effect of early VC success

Ramana Nanda; Sampsa Samila; Olav Sorenson Early venture capital success often leads to continued success. New research explores how VC firms maintain these winning streaks, and shows that to access lucrative investments, VC managers' individual skills matter less than their track record. Read article

  3 success factors for crowdfunding

Harris Kyriakou; Yegin Genc Crowdfunding is creating opportunities for many innovators. Studying successful campaigns also shines a light on innovation that even the largest corporation can learn from. Research by IESE's Harris Kyriakou identifies three key factors that help predict success. Read article
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