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Marketing Marketing

Gear up for innovation and branding opportunities

van Everdingen, Yvonne; Hariharan, Vijay Ganesh; Stremersch, Stefan

When sporting gear companies participate in major competitions, like Formula One, what they stand to gain depends on what they're already spending.

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Antoja, Gabriel; Ribera, Jaume; Mur, Javier
Mobile health (mHealth) apps are experiencing double-digit annual growth rates, according to some studies. Yet many initiatives fail to find the right formula to stay afloat, says a report led by Jaume Ribera.
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Ferrandiz, Luis; Villanueva, Julián; Balmaseda, Carmen
User experience (UX) is the cornerstone of app and website profitability. This practical note breaks down the five key elements of UX design, taking as an example.
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Service and Operations Management
Designing the optimal supply base: how many suppliers?
Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Wang, Jiao
Innovation and Change
Job stickiness? The unexpected benefit of patents
Melero, Eduardo; Palomeras, Neus; Wehrheim, David
Goals made EASIER: a diagnostic tool for sustainable development
Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric; Duch, Ana Isabel; Bernardo, Valeria; Salvador, Jordi; Piedra, Juan; Rodríguez, Miquel