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DJ World Conference
Fecha: 21/03/2019
Autor / es: de Santiago, Rafael
Tipo de documento: Case
Áreas: Information Technologies; Service and Operations Management; Decision Analysis
Departamento: Managerial Decision Sciences
Sector: Entertainment and leisure services
Idiomas: English
Año de los hechos: 2019
Área geográfica: Japan
Referencia: AD-368-E

Tokyo Music School (TOMS) has prepared some of the best disc jockeys (DJs) in the world for almost two decades. At the beginning of 2019, the school decided to organize an event that would bring together recent alumni with a selection of world-renowned DJs. The long-term vision was to make this event grow into a global DJ convention. A number of world-famous DJs had been invited to discuss and share their personal experiences regarding what it takes to become a top DJ. The case, designed to introduce integer programming (IP), illustrates how to deal with assignment problems. Other applications of the methodology discussed in the case are the assignment of doctors to operating rooms, the scheduling of concerts or festivals, creating working teams for large conferences, etc. The case is based on a real situation. The names and characters have been changed, and the situation has been simplified to single out the key elements of so-called "assignment problems", facilitating the class discussion on how to solve them with IP techniques.


Objetivo pedagógico

The case is designed to provide an introduction to integer optimization techniques. At the beginning, one can describe the key elements of a typical assignment problem (assigning speakers to rooms and time slots). Then one can show how to use the solver to find a feasible arrangement. Further constraints can be included, showing the power of the methodology. One can end the class by discussing extensions of the basic principles to larger problems.

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