Market Selection: Target Customers and Positioning

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Market selection involves a greater commitment than any other marketing decision and consists of two parts: 1) selection of the target customer, and 2) positioning. This technical note outlines the main criteria for selecting a target customer and offers a series of recommendations on how to define positioning. Finally, an overview of the key concepts of strategic analysis required to evaluate the sustainability of positioning is provided.
Bibliographic citation: GONZÁLEZ, J. (2021). Market Selection: Target Customers and Positioning. IESE, MN-412-E.
Date: 01/05/2021
Author(s): Jorge González
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Marketing
Languages: English
Learning objective This note follows the logic introduced in MN-410, which presents a scheme for developing a company's marketing strategy. It is recommended that it be used in conjunction with note MN-411, which focuses on supply-side analysis and competitor analysis.