Firemadillo SCRPt

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SCRPt is a software developed by the company Firemadillo, based in Los Angeles, that can predict the box office revenue of a movie by analyzing its script and comparing it to previous scripts. Firemadillo belives this is a game changer, with a huge potential. But it's not an easy sell. Who should they target? Writers? Producers? Studios? How should they position the software? At what price? The case provides all the necessary information to discuss these crucial strategic marketing questions.
Bibliographic citation: PLANLILIO, L., GALLO, Í. (2021). Firemadillo SCRPt. A Software to Revolutionize the Movie Industry. IESE, M-1389-E.
Date: 01/06/2021
Author(s): Lorenzo Planlilio; Íñigo Gallo
Document type: Case
Department: Marketing
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2020
Geographic area: United States
Learning objective The case can be used in many ways. We use it most frequently as the base to discuss how to market a radical innovation: a tool that is objectively better than the current way things are done in the market, but is still very hard to sell. Additionally, it can be used to discuss some of the marketing fundamentals: how to choose a target, how to price a new product. Finally, it can trigger "go-to-market" discussions such as how to communicate, how to sell, whether the company should provide free trials, etc.