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Betty 's Wines - Teaching Note

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Betty is a very famous wine entrepreneur who works in the natural/organic wine sector. Although she has gained outstanding international success, she struggles to manage her team. The case is based on the notes of interviews made with Betty and one of her collaborators as a part of a 4-year project in which IESE's Center for Business in Society explored ethical and responsibility issues in the organic wine-making sector. Any kind of personal, organizational and geographical information is disguised. The case study analyzes two main problems: 1) Some distorted narratives used in the organic food market to manipulate consumers' attention and the importance of veracity. 2) Ethical issues associated with narcissist individuals who hold positions of responsibility, and in particular, the role of the dignity of the person in such contexts.
Bibliographic citation: VACCARO, A. (2021). Betty 's Wines - Teaching Note. Ethical problems of an "organic" narcissistic entrepreneur. IESE, BET-26-E.
Date: 01/05/2021
Author(s): Antonino Vaccaro
Document type: Teaching Note
Department: Business Ethics
Languages: English
Learning objective This is a quite flexible case that can be used in a variety of ways in courses on leadership, entrepreneurship, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and social innovation. As described above, the case addresses two main issues, which stand at two different levels of analysis (markets and organizations). It presents critical ethical issues regarding the importance of veracity in organic food markets and the dignity of the person in organizations.