Insite: Simplified Big Data

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Insite is a customer business intelligence software developed by a European consulting company. The Iberia branch has had poor results during 2020. Of particular concern to the manager is the number of demos that are offered to potential clients: demos granted by the sales team have increased, while sales have decreased. Management has to review the process for granting demos. In particular, the case presents three such decisions: clients who are asking for a demo, and the sales manager needs to decide whether to grant them.
Bibliographic citation: SENDAGORTA, P., GALLO, Í., JIANG WANG, Á. (2021). Insite: Simplified Big Data. IESE, M-1384-E.
Date: 01/05/2021
Author(s): Paloma Sendagorta; Íñigo Gallo; Ángela Jiang Wang
Document type: Case
Department: Marketing
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2020
Geographic area: Portugal
Learning objective The case presents typical problems associated with selling high-value products: the sales cycle is longer and more complex, more people are involved in the decision-making, the company incurs a significant investment in product trials, etc. Students are asked to put themselves in the shoes of the sales manager, who has to review the sales process, the process for granting demos to potential clients, the implications in terms of compensation, etc.