How corporate giants can better collaborate with deep-tech startups

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Companies such as Toyota, Samsung, Alibaba, and Lenovo are already innovating with start-ups in the deep tech field―a group of emerging technologies based on scientific discoveries or meaningful engineering innovations, offering a substantial advance over established technologies, and seeking to tackle some of the world’s fundamental challenges. Currently, this group usually encompasses artificial intelligence, advanced materials, biotechnology, blockchain, robotics and drones, photonics and electronics, and quantum computing.
Bibliographic citation: PRATS, J., SIOTA, J., BRIA, V. E. (2021). How corporate giants can better collaborate with deep-tech startups. The case of East and Southeast Asia. IESE, Barcelona, Spain.
Date: 01/05/2021
Author(s): Josemaria Siota; Julia Prats; Vittoria Emanuela Bria
Document type: Study and Monograph
Department: Entrepreneurship
Languages: English