Soomaa Labs OU (A)

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The fast-growing company in this case is considering pursuing an IPO on NASDAQ. The A case focuses on whether the company should do the IPO and, if so, what the process would involve and what the IPO valuation might be. The B case examines proposals from four investment banks to be the lead advisor on the IPO. The C case describes events leading up to the final stages just prior to the IPO.
Bibliographic citation: JOHNSON R., R., KOLAROVA, L. (2021). Soomaa Labs OU (A). IESE, E-218-E.
Date: 01/02/2021
Author(s): Rob Johnson; Lenka Kolarova
Document type: Case
Department: Entrepreneurship
Sector: Publishing companies; Publishing companies
Languages: English
Learning objective This case series is designed to give students a good picture of the IPO process as well as examples of things that can happen along the way.