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A Catalyst Journey During Corona Times (A)

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The case introduces Cristina Ventura, Chief Catalyst Officer at Asian luxury goods retailer Lane Crawford Joyce Group (LCJG). She is in NY when U.S. President Donald Trump announced the government's decision to close international air traffic due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19. Though based on Hong Kong, Cristina had spent the last three months in the United States, considering next career steps and developing her social network. The pandemic circumstances place her at a crossroads, requiring a decision on how her career should evolve to fulfill her personal and professional objectives. The case presents a clear VUCA context framework that impact political, economic, and health issues throughout the globe and therefore the professional decisions of global executives.
Bibliographic citation: ELVIRA, M., VILLAMOR, M. (2021). A Catalyst Journey During Corona Times (A). IESE, DPO-733-E.
Date: 01/01/2021
Author(s): Marta Elvira; Marta Villamor
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Sector: Other industrial products
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2020
Geographic area: Japan
Learning objective The case's objective is to understand the importance of developing and leveraging formal and informal networks; and align them to one?s purpose and career perspective. The learning objectives of the case include: 1. Reflecting on current network, one's position on it, and how to evolve in the future. 2. Identifying Cristina Ventura's network as a global cross-industry network. (i.e., people from different industries/spheres such as technology, retail luxury, global companies, venture capital firms, universities, political and leadership positions; and present all over the five continents). 3. Understanding the importance of aligning one's network and career objectives with one's purpose in life, as well as the importance of authenticity in relationships. 4. Identifying a VUCA context (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), and understanding the need to make decisions - often life changing and difficult - during adverse circumstances. 5. Understanding how are all interdependent in many aspects (health, economy, and knowledge) and recognize that interdependence requires collaboration (i.e., alignment in science to find a vaccine as soon as possible, agreements in Europe to implement recovery plans for the EU). Students should also comprehend the importance of networks for these collaborations. 6. Identifying the importance of defining and pondering appropriate criteria for making decisions.