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In January 2018, Cristina Nevado, an experienced business development professional, made a decision to join Chicfy. Cristina?s job description was Chief Operating Officer, and the reported mandate was to lead international expansion and growth, but, somewhat to her surprise, her first assignment was to lead the process of a new financing round. Before launching this project, she reviewed the recently audited financial statements for 2017 to prepare management presentation for potential investors. Case B describes the "due diligence" process carried out by a top executive both before joining a startup, and in the first few weeks in the job. This is a process increasingly relevant for MBA students as they receive employment offers from startups.
Bibliographic citation: CABIEDES, L. M., KOLAROVA, L. (2020). Chicfy. IESE, E-212-E.
Date: 01/11/2020
Author(s): Luis Martin Cabiedes; Lenka Kolarova
Document type: Case
Department: Entrepreneurship
Languages: English
Learning objective Both if you plan to join a startup, or if want to invest in one, you will have to perform your own due diligence in order to make a responsible decision.