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The owner of a mid-size printing company based in New Jersey has to decide whether to accept an offer of a large publishing house who during the 2008 crisis had endangered the future of the company by abruptly reducing the volume of business. If he now accepted his proposal, and due to capacity constraints, he would have to drop some smaller customers, reducing diversification; in addition, the owner feels indebted to these small businesses because they supported him during the crisis. An additional element of analysis to consider, besides strategic and financial issues, is the succession plan.
Bibliographic citation: KADACH, I., PALENCIA, L. (2020). Nasser Press. IESE, ASN-83-E.
Date: 01/10/2020
Author(s): Igor Kadach; Luis Palencia
Document type: Case
Department: Analysis of Business Problems
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2019
Learning objective This case is mainly intended to be used as part of the course Analysis of Business Problems (first half) , where business decisions are structured through a six-steps method (diagnosis--> alternatives--> criteria--> analysis--> synthesis-->action plan).