Perspectives on global leadership and the COVID-19 crisis

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As the world struggled to come to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic, over twenty scholars, practitioners, and global leaders wrote brief essays for this curated chapter on the role of global leadership in this extreme example of a global crisis. Their thoughts span helpful theoretical breakthroughs to essential, pragmatic adaptations by companies.
Bibliographic citation: OSLAND, J. S., MENDENHALL, M. E., REICHE, S., SZKUDLAREK, B., BOLDEN, R., COURTICE, P., ... MAZNEVSKI, M. (2020). Perspectives on global leadership and the COVID-19 crisis. In Osland, J.S.; Szkudlarek, B.; Mendenhall, M.E. and Reiche, B.S. (Eds.), Advances in Global Leadership (pp. 3-56). Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited.
Date: 01/10/2020
Author(s): Joyce S. Osland; Mark E. Mendenhall; Sebastian Reiche; B. Szkudlarek; P. R. Bolden; P. Courtice; V. Vaiman; D. Lyndgaard; Rikke Kristine Nielsen; S. Terrell; Sully Taylor; Yih-Teen Lee; Guenter K. Stahl; Nakiye Boyacigiller; Tina Huesing; Christof Miska; Milda Zilinskaite; Lisa Ruiz; Heini Shi; Allan Bird; Tim Soutphommasane; Alessandro Girola; Nicola M. Pless; Thomas Maak; Tsedal Neeley; Orly Levy; Nancy Adler; Martha Maznevski
Document type: Book Chapter
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: English