At the heart and beyond

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In this concluding chapter, we discuss insights and reflections from our invited contributions on the COVID-19 pandemic and derive areas of meaningful future research to advance the global leadership domain. Specifically, we call for (1) strengthening the link of the global leadership domain with related research fields, (2) expanding our view on what are necessary global leadership competencies, (3) moving beyond individual global leadership toward a more collective and collaborative understanding of the phenomenon, (4) further enhancing the growing field of responsible global leadership, (5) examining the various competing tensions that global leaders need to balance, and (6) engaging in greater reflexivity among global leadership scholars ourselves.
Bibliographic citation: REICHE, S., MENDENHALL, M. E., SZKUDLAREK, B., OSLAND, J. S. (2020). At the heart and beyond. What can global leadership researchers learn from perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic?. In Osland, J.S.; Szkudlarek, B.; Mendenhall, M.E. and Reiche, B.S. (Eds.), Advances in global Leadership (pp. 261-282). Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited.

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Date: 01/10/2020
Author(s): Sebastian Reiche; Mark E. Mendenhall; B. Szkudlarek; Joyce S. Osland
Document type: Book Chapter
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: English