International Search Funds 2020

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This note is a biannual study completed by IESE Business School on search funds that were formed outside the United States and Canada. It was undertaken in partnership with the Stanford Graduate School of Business and uses a quantitative, survey-based research method in order to gain insight on the financial returns and important characteristics of all known international search funds, including the qualities of search fund entrepreneurs. The study targeted all known search funds outside of the United States and Canada, in close coordination with the Stanford study, with data drawn from 132 first-time search funds. The sample set is diverse, with international searchers in 25 countries on five continents.
Bibliographic citation: KOLAROVA, L., DÁVILA, A., JOHNSON R., R., KELLY, P. (2020). International Search Funds 2020. Selected Observations. IESE.
Date: 01/09/2020
Author(s): Lenka Kolarova; Antonio Dávila; Rob Johnson; Peter Kelly
Document type: Study and Monograph
Department: Entrepreneurship
Languages: English
Learning objective The study will support entrepreneurial studies, most importantly, IESE's second-year MBA course SEARCH.