Service and Operations Management

Madrileña Red de Gas (A)

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The CEO of MRG (Madrileña Red de Gas) wanted to reinvent his company as if it existed in an open market and not in the current regulated one. Using Professor Muñoz-Seca?s SPDM (Service Problem?Driven Management) framework?a conceptual scheme for operations in service companies?the MRG management team changed how they structured their service by establishing their own operational structure and working with the operational structure of their partners. Using an extended-enterprise approach, MRG reshaped its service model with the motto, "Our customers must not suffer."
Bibliographic citation: MUNOZ-SECA, B. (2020). Madrileña Red de Gas (A). Reinventing the Company With the Motto "Our Customers Must Not Suffer". IESE, P-1184-E.
Date: 01/07/2020
Author(s): Beatriz Muñoz-Seca
Document type: Case
Department: Production, Technology and Operations Management
Languages: English / English
Year of the events: 2017
Learning objective How to reinvent a service in order to deliver excellence in the 21st century.