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Mission-based corporate sustainability

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This article presents both the theoretical and practical aspects of a model for the effective development of a sustainability strategy in companies which include sustainable development in their mission statement. The meaning of corporate sustainability is revised, and the conditions for an effective rollout of the strategy are examined. The paper is based on the case study of Aigües de Barcelona, a water management company of Suez Group company, which has centred its mission on sustainable development and applies a three-dimensional model for rolling out the mission: as statement, motivation and practice. This case helps to identify the main problems faced by companies in rolling out a sustainability strategy and how these problems can be resolved from the perspective of the corporate mission. The difficulties encountered in ensuring that the sustainability strategy is effective in the company's daily business are also covered, and some questions that remain unanswered are identified.
Bibliographic citation: BASTONS, M., BENGURÍA, R., ARMENGOU, J., REY, C. (2020). Mission-based corporate sustainability. the Aigües de Barcelona model. In Díaz Díaz, B.; Capaldi, N.; Idowu, S.O.; Schmidpeter, R. (Eds.), Responsible business in a changing world: new management approaches for sustainable development (pp. 311 - 328). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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Date: 01/05/2020
Author(s): M. Bastons; Ricard Benguría; Jaume Armengou; Carlos Rey
Document type: Book Chapter
Department: Managerial Decision Sciences
Languages: English