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Integrating Life

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The practical book to learn how to integrate all areas of our professional and personal life in harmony.Why does there have to be a conflict between my personal life, my family, my professional development and my professional performance? This book presents a series of practical exercises that guide this itinerary, which begins with the conciliation with oneself, and then opens up to the elements that make up our life: relationships, family, work and, finally, society. What is our role in each of these areas? Why do we do what we do? Once we are able to know our mission and remain consistent and faithful to it, all the elements are integrated and acquire meaning and transcendence, giving us that pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction that will give us the possibility of having a full and happy life.
Bibliographic citation: CHINCHILLA, N., JIMENEZ, E., GARCÍA-LOMBARDÍA, P. (2020). Integrating Life. How to lead successfully your professional and personal career in a global world.
Date: 01/04/2020
Author(s): Nuria Chinchilla; Esther Jimenez; Pilar García-Lombardía
Document type: Book
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: English / Spanish