A Behavioral perspective of search in nonprofit organizations

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In this paper, we extend the BTOF to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits hold both financial and higher-priority nonfinancial programmatic performance goals that relate to program spending directed to fulfill a social mission. We hypothesize that, while financial performance above aspirations decreases fundraising, programmatic performance above aspirations increases fundraising efforts. We also theorize that board size, environmental munificence, and program-generated revenue influence the extent of fundraising as a response to attainment discrepancies. We test our hypotheses using a panel dataset of 12,382 U.S. nonprofits and find support for several of our predictions.
Bibliographic citation: ROUSSEAU, H. E., BROMILEY, P., BERRONE, P. (2020). A Behavioral perspective of search in nonprofit organizations. Academy of Management Proceedings (pp. 14089).

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Date: 01/08/2020
Author(s): Horacio Enrique Rousseau; Philip Bromiley; Pascual Berrone;
Document type: Proceedings
Languages: English