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Cap Djinet Sea Water Desalination Plant (Algeria)

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The Cap Djinet Water Desalination Plant is a project located in Cap Djinet, a cape of the Mediterranean Sea near the town of Djinet, Algeria. The plant is part of a major desalination program launched by the Government in 2002 to face the severe water scarcity in the country. 
Being a country mostly covered by the Sahara Desert, Algeria presents an uneven distribution of water resources, mainly distributed in the northern regions, producing a massive concentration of the population in this area. In addition, these water resources have suffered a severe stress over the years due to continuous droughts, over-exploitation and management inefficiency, that led to a water crisis.
Bibliographic citation: Piedra, Juan; Ricart, Joan Enric, "Cap Djinet Sea Water Desalination Plant (Algeria)", IESE, ST-523-E, 10/2019

Reference: 10.15581/018.ST-523 (DOI)
Date: 07/10/2019
Author(s): Piedra, Juan; Ricart, Joan Enric
Document type: Study and Monograph
Languages: English
Geographic area: Algeria