Accounting and Control

HR Analytics at Barney

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Barney Consumer Products (BCP) is a large company based in South Africa. The company's performance has worsened in the last couple of years, and the different departments blame each other. The Human Resources (HR) department manager suggest that the decrease in performance could be driven by a decrease in employee performance due to lack of motivation and stress. The board asks the HR manager to provide some data to back up his intuition. The HR manager plans to use the annual employee performance survey data. An excel sheet with the data is provided for the analysis. This case includes a separate excel file.
Bibliographic citation: N'Guessan, Marie Noelle; Alegre, Inés; Canela, Miguel Ángel, "HR Analytics at Barney", IESE, AD-369-E, 05/2019
Date: 23/05/2019
Author(s): N'Guessan, Marie Noelle; Alegre, Inés; Canela, Miguel Ángel
Document type: Case
Department: Managerial Decision Sciences
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2018
Geographic area: South Africa
Learning objective This case is planned for an MBA audience but can also serve other types of courses and students. The in-class discussion is divided into two main parts. First, participants discuss how to design a good survey to assess employee satisfaction and critique the survey used by BCP. Second, the discussion delves into how to run the quantitative analysis, which are the dependent and the independent variables, and which methods can be applied.