Leadership and People Management

Lakaro Construcciones, S.A.

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The new general manager of a Spanish construction firm decides, some fifteen months after joining the company and taking up the post, to call the regional managers together to inform them of the gist of the company's strategy and to discuss the selection of candidates for the new branch manager posts that have been created. During the meeting the various proposals that have been submitted in advance in writing are discussed, and the allocation of individual managers to the new posts is decided. One of the vacancies raises a special problem of personal behaviour, and the general manager intervenes to settle the matter in the way he thinks best. The case provides an opportunity to assess the criteria underlying this decision. Case based on "Conalsa - Construcciones Almenara, S. A." FH-356 byGermán Gómez-Llera y Juan Antonio Pérez López, Septembre 1989.
Bibliographic citation: Chinchilla, Nuria; Almandoz, John, "Lakaro Construcciones, S.A.", IESE, DPO-444-E, 04/2019
Date: 12/04/2019
Author(s): Chinchilla, Nuria; Almandoz, John
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: Spanish / English
Year of the events: 1987
Geographic area: Spain