Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics Beyond Dilemmas

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In this technical note we advance a model for moral analysis that integrates the main elements from the three main theories followed in the field of business ethics and shows their inner connection: moral principles and norms (deontologism), the human goods at stake (utilitarianism) and the education of character for the good life (virtue ethics). This model takes the perspective of the acting person-a first-person perspective as opposed to the third-person perspective-because ethics is not about the external correctness of a conduct, but about whether our life as a whole, in its different dimensions and throughout its duration, is oriented towards our real good and towards the good of others so that we can flourish as human beings.
Bibliographic citation: Calleja, Ricardo; Marín, Sergio, "Ethics Beyond Dilemmas: A Three-Dimensional Model", IESE, BEN-141-E, 01/2019
Date: 22/01/2019
Author(s): Calleja, Ricardo; Marín, Sergio
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Business Ethics
Languages: English