Nestlé's Alliance for YOUth (A)

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The case deals with Nestlé's launch of the "Nestlé needs YOUth" initiative, whose main objective was to improve the employability of young people. The A case outlines how the initiative was launched in Europe at an overarching level, while leaving each local country operation with a lot of autonomy to decide how to carry it out. As a result, different challenges and local adaptations were necessary in each country. The B case details how the initiative was implemented in four specific country contexts: German, Spain, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The B case ends with the objective to expand the initiative to a global level.
Bibliographic citation: Reiche, Sebastian; Liao, Yuan, "Nestlé's Alliance for YOUth (A)", IESE, DPO-438-E, 04/2019
Date: 25/04/2019
Author(s): Reiche, Sebastian; Liao, Yuan
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2013-2017
Geographic area: Spain; Germany; Italy; Czech Republic
Learning objective The case discusses issues of devising and implementing corporate social responsibility and employer branding activities, and how to adapt these to different local country contexts within multinational companies. The case also allows to discuss issues around different institutional regulations and cultural expectations, and how to manage those when operating across multiple countries.