Information Technologies

Qualitative Customer Research

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In order to create products and services that are successful in the market, it is crucial for companies and start-ups to develop empathy and understanding for their (potential) customers' needs, contexts and expectations. This technical note aims to point out the significance and motivation of qualitative research and provides guidance in the iterative and unpredictable research process. Ethnographic research methods like field observations and interviews are introduced as practical ways to gather qualitative data. Finally, several Design Thinking tools are recommended to synthesize the gathered data.
Bibliographic citation: Röthke, Claudia; Gregory, Robert Wayne, "Qualitative Customer Research", IESE, SIN-56-E, 01/2019
Date: 18/01/2019
Author(s): Gregory, Robert Wayne; Röthke, Claudia
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Information Systems
Languages: English