Costa Valente

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A businessman based in Barcelona and dedicated to the textile sector (selling T-shirts to sponsors) is presented with the opportunity to buy a small textile manufacturing company in Guimarães, Portugal. He has to decide whether to take on this project or not. The analysis that he carries out includes a study of the value chain and of the possibility of outsourcing part of the business, as well as the approach the entrepreneur will take to integrating the company into his current business and how the project can be adapted to his way of life. This case is based on one of the same name by the same authors, with reference number ASN-65-E.
Bibliographic citation: Gómez Pajares, Alberto; Urrutia, Josu; Palencia, Luis, "Costa Valente", IESE, ASN-72-E, 06/2019
Date: 14/06/2019
Author(s): Gómez Pajares, Alberto; Urrutia, Josu; Palencia, Luis
Document type: Case
Department: Analysis of Business Problems
Languages: Spanish / English
Year of the events: 2018
Geographic area: Morocco

Learning objective The objective is to gain practice in the business decision-making process, identifying criteria, generating alternatives (which parts should be outsourced, as the case may be), making a global synthesis of the situation and, finally, developing a plan of action. The action plan must be realistic and specific.