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How Blockchain Will Change the Way We Pay Premium

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Although still in a fledgling state, blockchain technology and associated developments could have a disruptive effect across many sectors. One industry that is particularly vulnerable is banking, whose long-established role as facilitator, guarantor and validator of payment operations would lose much of its relevance in a blockchain-based economy. The author explores the possible impact that a decentralized system like blockchain could have on traditional means of payment and what that could mean for today's banking industry.
Bibliographic citation: Soley, Jorge, "How Blockchain Will Change the Way We Pay: Banking Disruption", IESE Insight, No. 35, Fourth Quarter 2017, pp 47 - 52

Reference: 10.15581/002.ART-3097 (DOI)
Date: 15/12/2017
Author(s): Soley, Jorge
Document type: Non-refereed article
Sector: Other financial services
Languages: Spanish / English