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Riding the Wave

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This case study helps entrepreneurs and start-ups to understand the various types of finance available to fund a business. It compares, in the context of the mobile app developer Wave, the pros and cons of resourcing using crowd equity, business angels and venture capital. The case also shows how the different finance sources might be appropriate at different stages of a company's growth.
Bibliographic citation: Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; de San José Riestra, Amparo, "Riding the Wave: Financing Ventures Through Crowdequity", IESE, E-187-E, 03/2017
Date: 13/03/2017
Author(s): Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; de San José Riestra, Amparo
Document type: Case
Editor(s): EIC - Centro de Iniciativa Emprendedora e Innovación
Department: Entrepreneurship
Sector: Venture capital
Languages: Spanish / English
Year of the events: 2016
Geographic area: Spain
Learning objective For use in entrepreneurship classes in MBA, Executive MBA and executive programs.