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  How AI Will -- and Won't -- Change the Way You Manage 

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As artificial intelligence (AI) expands the boundaries of what computers are capable of, it also puts new demands on executives to understand these evolving technologies, to find practical applications for them in their companies, and to resolve the unique ethical dilemmas arising from machines with ever more human qualities. For many, it's a whole new world.

To address this subject, IESE hosted a conference on "The Future of Management in an Artificial Intelligence-Based World" in April 2018. It brought together leaders from business and academia to share their insights into the current state of AI, what the future is likely to hold, and how managers should prepare themselves for the changes ahead.

In this article, IESE professors Bruno Cassiman, Marta Elvira, Sandra Sieber and Anneloes Raes discuss the impact of AI on strategy, talent management, corporate governance, IT management and organizational culture, respectively. Then, Jordi Canals wraps up the discussion by reiterating the enduring role of general managers in this new paradigm. He highlights the fundamental leadership questions that CEOs and senior executives will need to grapple with in this new, fast-changing business world.

Read on to find out what you'll need to know.

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This article is based on:  How AI Will - and Won't - Change the Way You Manage
Publisher:  IESE
Year:  2018
Language:  English