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  A book for all your New Year's resolutions 

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How are you doing on your New Year's resolutions? If you're already starting to wobble, don't lose heart! These books won't help you quit smoking or force you to go to the gym, but they may just hold the key to fulfilling 2019's professional goals.

Empower your employees to provide solutions >
How to Make Things Happen
Beatriz Muñoz-Seca (Palgrave Macmillan)

An operations-based rallying cry to improve productivity, information sharing, and employee enthusiasm, while getting staff to bring you solutions rather than problems. Muñoz-Seca steers clear of formulas, which are too broad to be applied to vastly different organizations, and instead builds frameworks and models that can be adapted to individual needs.

Dare to innovate >
Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets
Jordi Canals (Palgrave Macmillan)

An entrepreneurial spirit is needed today more than ever in the world of business. In this book, leaders and professors from the world's top business schools lay out a plan of attack to build your competencies and stimulate innovation. It's a fact that we live in times when demand is slowing, competition is growing and the threat of disruptive innovation is real, particularly via digital transformation. Stability is no longer an option, even for the strongest companies. Canals' book looks at how you can unleash entrepreneurship and become as agile as a startup.

Change your job >

And Now What? A Guide to Leadership and Taking Charge in a New Role
Guido Stein (Pearson)

Whenever you start a new job there is always the inevitable disconnect between what you expect to find, what you took for granted you would find, and what you actually find. The friction between expectations and reality needs to be smoothed down to minimize the turbulence of landing. But how best to go about it? This book is your road map to taking charge of your new role. It will show you how to minimize typical rookie mistakes, and analyzes a range of real case studies of problems you may encounter, from cultural conflicts to bridging attempts.

Take control of your time >
You Are How You Spend Your Time
Santiago Alvarez de Mon (Plataforma Editorial)

Time -- for working, for personal relationships, for learning, for leisure -- how can we ever get enough of it? What should we prioritize? IESE's Professor Santiago Alvarez de Mon sees time as a key to understanding ourselves better. A well-organized agenda can allow you to live in the present and focus on the here and now. Our leadership ability, relationships, self-improvement and even our health depend largely on how we view, and how we handle, time.

Plan your future >
Worried About Retirement? Design an Entrepreneurial Pension Plan
Pedro Nueno (Plataforma Editorial)

If you are over 35, you are likely to be less well off in old age than your parents, according to the OECD. To buck this trend, you can design a pension plan that gives you entrepreneurial opportunities during retirement. This book will guide you through the process and offers five main pieces of advice, with the first one being: "get started as soon as possible."
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