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Alliance governance mechanisms in the face of disruption

Date: 01/12/2021 Author(s): Arne Keller; Fabrice Lumineau; Thomas Mellewigt; Africa Ariño Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Existing academic literature has discussed contracts and relational governance as the key mechanisms that help alliance partners address problems of cooperation and coordination. However, when an alliance undergoes disruption, the nature and extent of such problems may change, and so may the value of these mechanisms. This study advances a dynamic ... More information

Iniciativa estratégica de salud ViDA: Vivir con Dermatitis Atópica.

Date: 01/11/2021 Author(s): Jordi Cohen; Jaume Ribera; Hector De Paz; Susana Aceituno; Jaume Ribera Document type: Study and Monograph La dermatitis atópica (DA) es una enfermedad inflamatoria crónica recidivante de la piel. Debido a la heterogeneidad de esta enfermedad y a su banalización, entre otras causas, existe una serie de necesidades no cubiertas. En consecuencia, hay numerosas oportunidades de mejora para optimizar su manejo, pero, para poder definir estrategias de mejora ... More information

WestWood Foods & Drinks GmbH (A) Loan Request

Date: 01/11/2021 Author(s): Christian Eufinger; Eduardo Martínez Abascal Document type: Case WestWood is a wholesale food and drink supplier of small supermarkets and convenience stores. It is located in a rural area in Germany and has sales of around 13 million euros. It grows above the industry average and needs further funding to finance its ongoing expansion. The company asks its main bank for a further loan and credit line. The business, ... More information

El DIA de mañana: ¿nueva propiedad para reflotar el negocio?

Date: 01/11/2021 Author(s): Luis Manuel Calleja; Marta Elvira; Ángel Proaño Vicente; Isaac Sastre Document type: Case En el 2019, transcurridos siete años desde su salida a bolsa, DIA, la tercera cadena de supermercados más grande de España en ventas, estaba atravesando la crisis más importante de su historia. Ese año había evitado por muy poco la situación de quiebra técnica, gracias a la intervención de LetterOne, el fondo de inversión del magnate ruso Mikhail Fridman ... More information

Typhoon Solar

Date: 01/11/2021 Author(s): Ana Palencia; Thomas Maximilian Klueter Document type: Case A growing, young company that distributes solar kits for self-consumption installations, struggles with what it believes are internal inefficiencies related to organizational issues. The case allows for the analysis of both internal capacity issues and external trends. More information

Time matters! How hybrid organizations use time to respond to divergent stakeholder demands

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Tommaso Ramus; Antonino Vaccaro; Pascual Berrone Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Researchers have endeavoured to explore how hybrid organizations navigate conflicting institutional demands. Yet, the role of time has often been neglected. We address this oversight through a longitudinal comparative case study, where we investigate how time and stakeholder engagement shape hybrid organizations' capacity to secure support from stakeholders ... More information

Carbfix: Storing CO2 forever

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Jordan Mitchell; Ahmad Rahnema Alavi; Throstur Olaf Sigurjonsson Document type: Teaching Note In March 2021, the team at Carbfix -a start-up born out of the culmination of more than 15 years of work by universities and parent company Reykjavik Energy- believed it had a game-changing technology to fight against climate change: eliminating CO2 permanently and safely from the atmosphere by storing it in basalt rock. In an aim to scale, they were ... More information

Barman: la oportunidad de Amazon

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Javier Pijoan; Julián Villanueva; Carmen Balmaseda Document type: Case Barman era una de las cuatro empresas líderes del sector de las bebidas espirituosas. Debido a la presión de las ventas y los objetivos, los directores comerciales de Países Bajos, Bélgica y Alemania habían decidido establecer relaciones con los grandes clientes del canal de comercio electrónico, entre ellos Amazon. El resultado fue un aumento de las ... More information

Barman: The Amazon Opportunity

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Javier Pijoan; Julián Villanueva; Carmen Balmaseda Document type: Case Barman was one of the four leading players in the spirits industry. Due to the pressure of sales and objectives, the commercial directors of some countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany, had decided to establish business relationships with the prominent e-commerce clients, among others, Amazon. The result was a boost in sales in the ... More information

Spotify: Face the Music (Update 2021)

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Govert Vroom; Isaac Sastre Boquet; Abhishek Deshmane Document type: Case By 2021, streaming had become "the" way to consume music, revitalizing an industry that was seeing double digit growth rates for the first time since the 1990s. And with its 155 million paid subscribers and 355 million total users, Spotify was undisputedly the most popular music streaming service in the world - for the year of 2020, it posted record ... More information
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