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Cap Djinet Sea Water Desalination Plant (Algeria) 

Date: 07/10/2019 Author(s): Piedra, Juan; Ricart, Joan Enric Document type: Study and Monograph The Cap Djinet Water Desalination Plant is a project located in Cap Djinet, a cape of the Mediterranean Sea near the town of Djinet, Algeria. The plant is part of a major desalination program launched by the Government in 2002 to face the severe water scarcity in the country. 
Being a country mostly covered by the Sahara Desert, Algeria presents ...
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Monte Carlo Simulation 

Date: 02/10/2019 Author(s): de Santiago, Rafael Document type: Technical Note This technical note introduces the basic concepts of Monte Carlo simulation, as well as the software to run the models (Crystal Ball). The requirements to follow the note are a working knowledge of probability distributions, decision trees and expected values, as well as being familiar with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. As Monte Carlo simulation is ... More information

Caesar's Entertainment: apostando por la inteligencia artificial 

Date: 13/09/2019 Author(s): Villanueva, Julián; González, Jorge; Balmaseda, Carmen Document type: Case A mediados deL 2018, Mark Frissora, CEO y presidente de Caesars Entertainment, presentaba los resultados de la compañía. Esta había salido fortalecida de la grave crisis que sufrió en el 2015. Como uno de los pilares del crecimiento, Frissora había apostado por dotar a su famosa estrategia de marketing basada en los datos de nuevas herramientas de ... More information

Glovo 1.0 

Date: 01/09/2019 Author(s): Ricart i Costa, Joan Enric; Tapia Pagès, Albert; Carenzo, Mathieu Editor(s): Cátedra Carl Schroeder de Dirección Estratégica Document type: Case In the context of the digital revolution and the mass use of smart devices connected to the Internet, consumer habits have changed radically. Now a large proportion of the population shops from home, and consumers can compare and choose products from a wider variety of options and sellers. So competition is fierce. Local businesses, such as restaurants, ... More information


Date: 25/08/2019 Author(s): Nueno, Pedro Document type: Opinion Un día, en una reunión de un consejo de administración, con todos los consejeros alrededor de una mesa, se me ocurrió tratar de estimar cuántos metros de cable eléctrico había sobre la mesa. Muchos consejeros habían abierto su portátil, pero lo habían conectado a un cargador que, a su vez, habían conectado en unos enchufes que había en la mesa. More information

Supply Base Design for the Procurement of Multiple Items 

Date: 08/2019 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Wang, Jiao Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Sourcing new products in advance entails significant risks for a buyer. To reduce the possibility of bringing a mediocre item to the market, buyers can build a large supply base and pick the best available products after uncertainties have materialized. Designing such a supply base is a challenging task: the buyer needs to decide how many suppliers ... More information

Sky Airline: Business Model Transformation and Future Challenges 

Date: 31/07/2019 Author(s): Tarzijan, Jorge; Koliatic, Matko; Ricart, Joan Enric Document type: Case Sky Airline (Sky or the Company) had a traditional Full Service Carrier (FSC) business model (BM), under which the Company was struggling financially, mainly because it was competing with a more efficient airline: LATAM, the leader in the aviation industry in South America. To differentiate from competition and take advantage of value migration in ... More information

Glovo 2.0 

Date: 16/07/2019 Author(s): Ricart i Costa, Joan Enric; Tapia Pagès, Albert; Carenzo, Mathieu Editor(s): Cátedra Carl Schroeder de Dirección Estratégica Document type: Case The last-mile food-delivery market is on the rise. The trend is clear: every day, more people are using apps to buy things and order food from their mobile phone. Local restaurants and other businesses have seen an opportunity to sell their products and services to a market that, until recently, was unattainable. More and more competitors have entered ... More information

Action research in operations management: an analysis of its contribution to research and managerial practice 

Date: 17/06/2019 Author(s): Alfaro, José Antonio; Avella, Lucía; Moscoso, Philip; Näslund, Dag Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Proceeding This paper analyses the theoretical and managerial contributions of action research (AR) studies in the field of Operations Management. First, it develops two corresponding frameworks to classify the different types of both research and managerial contributions produced by AR studies. Secondly, the paper then analyzes and classifies accordingly these ... More information

Share Now: Aiming for Profitable Growth 

Date: 11/06/2019 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Soto, Manuel Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Case The case describes the recent decisions taken by the management of Share Now, a leading carsharing company (the result of a merger between Car2Go and Drive Now). As part of its strategic plan for the city of Madrid, the company has decided to increase its area of coverage by 27 km2, while adding another 450 electrical cars to the fleet. Furthermore, ... More information
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