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Ayudar a los demás 

Date: 03/11/2019 Author(s): Oliver, Xavier Document type: Opinion Yo tenía un tío sabio. Un tío que me enseñó a leer El Principito de Saint-Exupéry. Un tío que tenía las emociones a flor de piel y que conocía la vida porque la comía a bocados. Un tío que me dijo que cuando creciese sería de derechas y yo demostré lo contrario (ahí no acertó). Un tío que me dijo que era muy egoísta porque había aprendido ... More information

Elevator tips on interviewing for a job

Date: 22/10/2019 Author(s): Document type: Interview (Video)

You've got a big job interview tomorrow, and you're rushing to prepare. What do you focus on? And what recruiter secrets may help you out? Career management advisor Vicki Lambiri is here to ...
More information

Elevator tips on public speaking 

Date: 17/10/2019 Author(s): Document type: Interview (Video) Got a big speech coming up? Don't just practice in front of the mirror. In this installment of Elevator Tips, IESE's Conor Neill shares his surefire way to get in the right mindset to prepare a speech with real impact. More information


Date: 21/07/2019 Author(s): Nueno, Pedro Document type: Opinion Nos vamos globalizando y esto implica que en muchas de las reuniones que tienen lugar en las empresas, consejos de administración, comités de dirección, departamentos (marketing, I+D, operaciones, etcétera) hay participantes que vienen de filiales, clientes o proveedores de otros países, ejecutivos y miembros del consejo que vienen de fuera, y todo ... More information

Toolkit for tomorrow's executives

Date: 03/07/2019 Author(s): Collaborator(s): Valor Sabatier, Josep; Sponsor(s): Cátedra Indra de Estrategia Digital Document type: Report (Video) With 80% of CEOs worried about finding enough employees with the skills to handle digital disruption, here we highlight seven necessary traits, based on interviews with media executives affected by digital transformation. These insights are applicable to many sectors. More information

Lasting Effects of Promoting Literacy - Do When and How to Learn Matter? 

Date: 07/2019 Author(s): Hirata, Guilherme; Rocha e Oliveira, Paulo Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This paper analyzes the lasting impacts of a project aimed at teaching children how to read and write at age 6. Using a Difference-in-Differences methodology, the results show that it is not enough to get children literate at age 6 to secure lasting effects; the instruction process is also an important factor: Only pupils exposed to the Phonics method ... More information

I Know Why You Voted for Trump: (Over)inferring Motives Based on Choice 

Date: 07/2019 Author(s): Barasz, Kate; Kim, Tami; Evangelidis, Ioannis Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) People often speculate about why others make the choices they do. This paper investigates how such inferences are formed as a function of what is chosen. Specifically, when observers encounter someone else's choice (e.g., of political candidate), they use the chosen option's attribute values (e.g., a candidate's specific stance on a policy issue) to ... More information Read related article

Lo bueno nunca muere 

Date: 28/06/2019 Author(s): Álvarez de Mon, Santiago Document type: Opinion Lo verdaderamente novedoso de esta era digital en la que estamos inmersos es la densidad y celeridad del cambio operado. Cuando profundidad y velocidad se juntan, la incertidumbre se apodera del paisaje vital de hombres y mujeres perplejos, la sensación de vértigo se torna familiar y hasta la ansiedad puede cursar su desequilibrante visita. Si refiero ... More information

Spontaneous learning in the firm: The concept of footprints 

Date: 25/06/2019 Author(s): Andreu i Civit, Rafael Document type: Chapter In this chapter, we explore a concept that explicitly considers learning in the strategy execution process, taking into account associated knowledge and experience accumulation dynamics. In particular, we turn our focus on spontaneous learning, which arises from human interactions whether participants like it or not and often goes unnoticed. This peculiar ... More information

Do Publications in Low-Impact Journals Help or Hurt a CV? 

Date: 20/05/2019 Author(s): Donnelly, Kristin; McKenzie, Craig R. M.; Müller-Trede, Johannes Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Using psychology professors as participants, the present study investigates how publications in low-impact psychology journals affect evaluations of a hypothetical tenure-track psychology job applicant. Are "weak" publications treated as evidence for or against a candidate's ability? Two experiments revealed that an applicant was rated as stronger ... More information
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