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IESE Cities in Motion Index 2020

Date: 01/06/2020 Author(s): Pascual Berrone; Joan Enric Ricart Document type: Study and Monograph The IESE Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) is an index that aims to evaluate cities in relation to the nine dimensions that we consider key: human capital, social cohesion, the economy, governance, the environment, mobility and transportation, urban planning, international projection, and technology. It is a wide-ranging index of cities, which includes ... More information Read related article

Xavier Vives: "Ens cal menys totxo i més capital humà"

Date: 01/06/2020 Author(s): Ara Document type: Interview More information

The Effect of Patent Protection on Inventor Mobility

Date: 01/05/2020 Author(s): Eduardo Melero; Neus Palomeras; David Wehrheim Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This article investigates the effect of patent protection on the mobility of early-career employee-inventors. Using data on patent applications filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office between 2001 and 2012 and examiner leniency as a source of exogenous variation in patent protection, we find that one additional patent granted decreases the likelihood ... More information Read related article

Learning from entrepreneurs

Date: 01/05/2020 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Session (Video)


Change is coming. How important is it to focus on new opportunities versus fighting fires to ensure business survival? How are entrepreneurs adapting their business models to a new reality? In this session, ...
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Life after lockdown: tracking apps, more virtualization and new priorities

Date: 01/05/2020 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Supplementary Material Ready for coronavirus contact-tracing apps and virtual healthcare? A pivot away from excess consumption and materialism? Living in China and working in telemedicine, Myra Yu shares her perspective on what the road ahead might offer as lockdowns are lifted. More information

Keeping the lights on

Date: 01/05/2020 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Session (Video)


With operations in over 100 countries and over 135,000 employees, Schneider Electric is one of the world's leading energy management and automation companies, with particular emphasis on digitalization ...
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In Good Company? Corporate Responsibility Post-Crisis

Date: 01/05/2020 Author(s): Antonino Vaccaro Document type: Opinion Despite the social distancing measures put in place to confront the coronavirus crisis, this pandemic has only reemphasized the importance of community to the social good. We have seen reminders of it in the form of neighbors applauding healthcare workers from their balconies each night, coworkers coming together over Zoom to discuss and meet their ... More information

The road to recovery

Date: 01/05/2020 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Session (Video)


As many countries develop their roadmaps to reopening after confinement, China may serve as a partial indicator of what to expect in the near future. How has business and society adapted to the effects ...
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Apple Health Records

Date: 01/04/2020 Author(s): Kevin Schulman; Magda Rosenmöller Document type: Case Healthcare is an enormous and growing market globally. Healthcare services was a $3.5 trillion market in the US in 2017, but a market that was largely untouched by the type of disruptive innovation that had overtaken other industries. Healthcare was considered a significant opportunity, not only because of its size today, but looking forward there ... More information

Climate risk & real estate

Date: 01/04/2020 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Session (Video)


The current crisis and associated technological and sociological disruption taking place will bring about important changes in the way we live and work. How can companies, investors and households adapt, ...
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