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Systematizing serendipity for big science infrastructures

Date: 01/08/2022 Author(s): Jonathan Wareham; Laia Pujol; Angelo Kenneth Romasanta; Thomas Wareham Mathiassen; Markus Nordberg; Pablo Garcia Tello Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Big Science Research Infrastructures (BSRIs) are tremendous sources of ‘deep-tech’ with the potential to foment alternative commercial applications in diverse industries. Yet, cultivating novel applications of BSRI technologies is not straightforward due to misalignment between their scientific mission, large technological risks, market uncertainties, ... More information

Processes of ecosystem emergence

Date: 01/07/2022 Author(s): Llewellyn D.W. Thomas; Erkko Autio; David M. Gann Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) We investigate patterns in platform ecosystem emergence. We find that the processes of ecosystem emergence—value discovery (designing and establishing an ecosystem value proposition and individual value offerings), collective governance (regulation of participation), platform resourcing (resource acquisition for set-up and scale-up), and contextual ... More information

On the naming of innovation districts

Date: 01/07/2022 Author(s): Alessandra Giglio Hirtenkauf; Kerem Gurses; Llewellyn D.W. Thomas Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Name plays a fundamental role in defining and differentiating a company within a category. In this paper we identify how the leaders of 7 innovation districts (22@Barcelona, Ann Arbor Spark, EECi, Porto Digital, Ruta N – Medellín, SK-Skolkovo and TusPark) understand the construction of the names of their innovation districts. We take an inductive approach ... More information

Data-Driven Organizations: Estudio IESE-PENTEO

Date: 01/07/2022 Author(s): Javier Zamora; Josep Valor Sabatier; Joan Enric Ricart; Nicolás Infante Middleton; Toni Guerra Cortada; José Luis Pérez Tejada Document type: Study and Monograph A partir de una encuesta realizada a 256 directivos de 161 empresas españolas, entre el último trimestre del 2021 y el primero del 2022, este estudio analiza y presenta el grado de data-driven organization de las empresas españolas. Para ello, utiliza un framework que permiten medir el uso de los datos en tres modelos, respectivamente: el modelo de ... More information Read related article

The Promotion Decision

Date: 01/06/2022 Author(s): John Almandoz; Sampsa Samila Document type: Case This is a choice to fill a director position in a company. What are the benefits of following the recommendation provided by the algorithm that favors one candidate versus following the preference of a manager who knows the other candidate very well and in fact has developed that candidate through coaching? Biases can be discussed and the merits of ... More information

La decision de promoción

Date: 01/06/2022 Author(s): John Almandoz; Sampsa Samila Document type: Case Se trata de escoger a una persona para ocupar el puesto de director en una empresa. ¿Cuáles son las ventajas de seguir la recomendación de un algoritmo que favorece a un candidato frente a seguir la preferencia de una directiva que conoce a la otra candidata muy bien y, de hecho, ha ayudado a esa candidata en su desarrollo profesional a través del ... More information

Towards conceptualization and quantification of the digital divide

Date: 01/06/2022 Author(s): Vladimir Korovkin; A. Park; Evgeny Káganer Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The digital divide gained new importance since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemics. However, the phenomenon is far from being fully conceptualized or effectively measured. The key question, whether digital divide is a mere extension of other social inequalities, or it has significant new meaning, remains largely unanswered; a reason is the lack of effective ... More information

Entrepreneurial framing

Date: 01/05/2022 Author(s): Yuliya Snihur; Llewellyn D.W. Thomas; Raghu Garud; Nelson Phillips Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) There is increasing recognition among scholars that entrepreneurs use framing to legitimize their ventures and the broader fields within which they operate. Yet, there is no unifying framework to bring together existing theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurial framing and to make sense of their underlying mechanisms. Based on an integrative review ... More information

Managing lane-changing of algorithm-assisted drivers

Date: 01/05/2022 Author(s): Mihalis Markakis; Kalyan Talluri; Dmitrii Tikhonenko Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) More information

Proyecto Thinking Big. Análisis de las necesidades más urgentes y sus posibles soluciones en el manejo del paciente con artritis reumatoide

Date: 01/05/2022 Author(s): Jordi Cohen; Clara Gabas; Susana Aceituno; Jaume Ribera; Jaume Ribera Document type: Study and Monograph El objetivo de Thinking Big es solucionar las necesidades más urgentes del paciente con artritis reumatoide (en adelante, AR) en cuanto al tratamiento/seguimiento. Metodología La identificación de las necesidades más urgentes de la AR se llevó a cabo mediante una revisión de la literatura científica, un focus group con pacientes y un debate con un ... More information
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