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Supporting entrepreneurs

Date: 01/01/2021 Author(s): Inés Alegre; Federica Massa Saluzzo Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Third-party endorsements are appreciated in entrepreneurial ventures since they help signal the value of an idea and the trustworthiness of an entrepreneur. They contribute therefore to reducing ‘information asymmetry’, always present in an entrepreneur-investor relationship. However, the role of third-party endorsements in for-profit contexts might ... More information

Descomposición del PIB de España en el periodo 2002-2019

Date: 01/11/2020 Author(s): Miguel Angel Ariño Document type: Working Paper En este artículo vamos a diseccionar en qué medida la variación del PIB de un año para otro está causado por las variaciones de población, las variaciones en el número de personas activas, de personas empleadas y las variaciones de productividad de estas personas. Estas variaciones del PIB se estudian en euros constantes y no en porcentajes de crecimiento, ... More information

Mission statements and performance

Date: 01/10/2020 Author(s): Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent; Inés Alegre; Adrián Guerrero Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Science parks play an important role in the promotion of innovation. Their objective is to act as a bridge between universities and industry with the support of public administrations. However, the specific role of a science park might vary depending on the geographical setting. For that reason, the mission statement of science parks can greatly differ ... More information

What The Tesla Stock Price Tells Us About Market Irrationality

Date: 01/09/2020 Author(s): Nuno Fernandes Document type: Opinion More information

Note on Scenario Planning in High-Uncertainty Environments: The Disruption Matrix

Date: 01/09/2020 Author(s): Carlos Costa; José Luis Nueno Document type: Technical Note The coronavirus pandemic is an unexpected external event with a profound impact on demand in all sectors that is highly conditioned by decisions that correspond to external stakeholders. After overcoming their initial shock, within this context companies have to think about their future in two or three years; however, it is very difficult for the management ... More information

Exploring the relationship between service quality of technology transfer offices and researchers' patenting activity

Date: 01/08/2020 Author(s): Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent; Inés Alegre; Erika Sofía Olaya-Escobar Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This article examines how the perceived quality of the service provided by technology transfer offices influences researchers' likelihood to patent their research results. A novel three-dimensional model is proposed aiming at analyzing the combined effect of service quality perceptions?service reliability, infrastructures and staff?a- longside with ... More information

Estrategia, aprendizaje y entusiasmo

Date: 01/08/2020 Author(s): Miguel Angel Ariño Document type: Opinion Y a han pasado los tiempos en que el líder ejercía su poder a base de dar órdenes y que los demás las cumplieran. Lo que se le pide a la persona de vértice es que trate a su gente como lo que son: personas. Personas con capacidad de pensar y con capacidad de entusiasmarse con los objetivos de la compañía. More information

Free and perfectly safe but only partially effective vaccines can harm everyone

Date: 01/07/2020 Author(s): Eduard Talamàs; Rakesh Vohra Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Risk compensation can undermine the ability of partially-effective vaccines to curb epidemics: Vaccinated agents may optimally choose to engage in more risky interactions and, as a result, may increase everyone's infection probability. We show that--in contrast to the prediction of standard models--things can be worse than that: Free and perfectly ... More information

Sesgos cognitivos en la mala gestión de la epidemia

Date: 01/07/2020 Author(s): Luis María Huete Document type: Opinion En España tenemos la peor previsión de caída del PIB, un aumento considerable de la deuda pública y unas previsiones de paro dantescas. Al mismo tiempo, se ha sufrido el confinamiento más duro del mundo, según un índice elaborado por la Universidad de Oxford. More information

Decision-making tool for enhancing the sustainable management of cultural institutions

Date: 01/07/2020 Author(s): Maria del Mar Casanovas-Rubio; Carolina Christen ; Luz María Valarezo; Jaume Bofill; Nela Filimon ; Jaume Armengou. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) There has been an increasing relevance of the cultural sector in the economic and social development of different countries. However, this sector continues without much input from multi-criteria decision-making (MDCM) techniques and sustainability analysis, which are widely used in other sectors. This paper proposes an MCDM model to assess the sustainability ... More information
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