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Sustainability-driven decision-making model

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Oriol Pons; Maria del Mar Casanovas-Rubio; Jaume Armengou; Albert de la Fuente Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Currently, foundation piles for inhabited areas are often constructed using a continuous flight auger, which is a cost- and time-efficient technology that does not require stabilization of the borehole wall; the steel bar reinforcement is embedded after the concrete has been poured. However, this reinforcement operation can lead to severe construction ... More information

Spatial distribution of fungi from the analysis of aerobiological data with a gamma function

Date: 01/09/2021 Author(s): Andrés M. Vélez-Pereira; C. de Linares; Miguel Ángel Canela; J. Belmonte Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Fungi are an important component of ecosystems. Some fungi are widely distributed, while others are limited to certain habitats. Studies based on airborne fungal spores can help to know the geographical distribution of fungi in the territory. Our aim was to show that a gamma probability density function (gpdf) based on a database of 20 airborne fungal ... More information

Holaluz: conectar personas a la energía verde

Date: 01/09/2021 Author(s): Edi Soler Document type: Case Holaluz era, en 2013, la primera comercializadora de energía eléctrica online de España. Enfocada exclusivamente a clientes domésticos, los tres socios fundadores habían puesto en marcha un ambicioso plan de negocio con el que pretendían alcanzar 100.000 clientes en 3 años, aprovechando la liberalización del mercado eléctrico que, teóricamente, debía ... More information

Galenicum Health: La aventura de convertirse en una empresa farmacéutica global - Nota del instructor

Date: 01/09/2021 Author(s): Edi Soler; Juan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero Document type: Teaching Note Galenicum Health fue uno de los primeros importadores de principios activos de la industria farmacéutica mercado español. Sus clientes eran empresas españolas que adquirirían el API de Galenicum y desarrollaban el fármaco (FDF), comercializándolo con su propia marca (medicamento genérico). Poco a poco, Galenicum fue codesarrollando fármacos con otros ... More information

Negotiate Good Negotiate Well : The Power of Ambidexterity

Date: 01/09/2021 Author(s): Kandarp Mehta; Guido Stein Document type: Book Negotiate Good Negotiate Well, is a book that talks about developing negotiation skill across situations. It talks about foundational principles that influence the negotiation process and also important changes that affect a negotiator across situations. More information

Evaluación de futuros fármacos y tecnologías sanitarias con metodología horizon scanning

Date: 01/07/2021 Author(s): Jordi Cohen; Jesús Cuervo; Carlos Crespo; Jaume Ribera; Jaume Ribera Document type: Study and Monograph Los fármacos son un indudable avance en salud y contribuyen al bienestar de la población en todo el mundo; sin embargo, su valor y su precio se negocian de forma individual en todos los países. En consecuencia, los organismos regulatorios se ven obligados a buscar nuevas formas de adaptar o mejorar los procedimientos existentes, así como a incorporar ... More information

Big Bank Experiments With Artificial Intelligence - Teaching Note

Date: 01/07/2021 Author(s): Javier Zamora; Isaac Sastre Boquet Document type: Teaching Note Florence Smith, CEO of Millennials Bank, was heading towards the board meeting where the directors of Big Bank (owner of Millennials Bank) where going to review the results of the newly created Millennials Bank, a digital branch of the main bank which targets the millennial generation. This initiative also serves as a pilot on how to make the bank ... More information

Conditioning the effect of prize on tournament self-selection

Date: 01/07/2021 Author(s): David Pastoriza, David; Inés Alegre; Miguel Ángel Canela Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This study examines how past performance moderates the effect of the size of the prize on tournament self-selection. We identify two types of trajectories that play simultaneous and unique roles in moderating the influence of prize on an agent’s decision to enter a tournament: withinperiod trajectory, which reflects an agent’s short-term performance ... More information

Same data, different conclusions

Date: 01/07/2021 Author(s): M. Schweinsberg; Elana R. Feldman; N. Staub; O. R. van den Akker; R. C. M. van Aert; M. A. L. M. van Assen; Y. Liu; T. Althoff; J. Heer; A. Kale; Z. Mohamed; H. Amireh; V. Venkatesh Prasad; A. Bernstein; E. Robinson; K. Snellman; S. Amy Sommer; S. M. G. Otner; David Robinson; N. Madan; Raphael Silberzahn; P. Goldstein; Warren Tierney; T. Murase; B. Mandl; D. Viganola; C. Strobl; C. B. C. Schaumans; S. Kelchtermans; C. Naseeb; S. Mason Garrison; T. Yarkoni; C. S. Richard Chan; P. Adie; P. Alaburda; C. Albers; S. Alspaugh; J. Alstott; A. A. Nelson; E. Ariño de la Rubia; A. Arzi; Š. Bahník; J. Baik; L. Winther Balling; S. Banker; D. AA Baranger; D. J. Barr; B. Barros-Rivera; M. Bauer; E. Blaise; L. Boelen; K. Bohle Carbonell; R. A. Briers; O. Burkhard; Miguel Ángel Canela; L. Castrillo; T. Catlett; O. Chen; M. Clark; B. Cohn; A. Coppock; Natàlia Cugueró-Escofet; P. G. Curran; W. Cyrus-Lai; D. Dai; G. Valentino Dalla Riva; H. Danielsson; R. D. F. S. M. Russo; N. de Silva; C. Derungs; F. Dondelinger; C. Duarte de Souza; B. Tyson Dube; M. Dubova; B. Mark Dunn; P. Adriaan Edelsbrunner; S. Finley; N. Fox; T. Gnambs; Y. Gong; E. Grand; B. Greenawalt; D. Han; P. H. P. Hanel; A. B. Hong; D. Hood; J. Hsueh; L. Huang; K. N. Hui; K. A. Hultman; A. Javaid; L. Ji Jiang; Jonathan Jong; J. Kamdar; D. Kane; G. Kappler; E. Kaszubowski; C. M. Kavanagh; M. Khabsa; B. Kleinberg; J. Kouros; H. Krause; A.-M. Krypotos; D. Lavbič; R. Ling Lee; T. Leffel; W. Yang Lim; S. Liverani; B. Loh; D. Lønsmann; J. Wei Low; A. Lu; K. MacDonald; C. R. Madan; L. Hjorth Madsen; C. Maimone; A. Mangold; A. Marshall; H. Ester Matskewich; K. Mavon; K. L. McLain; A. A. McNamara; M. McNeill; U. Mertens; D. Miller; B. Moore; A. Moore; E. Nantz; Z. Nasrullah; V. Nejkovic; C. S. Nell; A. Arthur Nelson; G. Nilsonne; Richard L. Nolan; C. E. O'Brien; P. O'Neill; K. O'Shea; T. Olita; J. Otterbacher; D. Palsetia; B. Pereira; I. Pozdniakov; J. Protzko; J.-N. Reyt; T. Riddle; A. (Akmal) Ridhwan Omar Ali; I. Ropovik; J. M. Rosenberg; S. Rothen; M. Schulte-Mecklenbeck; N. Sharma; G. Shotwell; M. Skarzynski; W. Stedden; V. Stodden; M. A. Stoffel; S. Stoltzman; S. Subbaiah; R. Tatman; P. H. Thibodeau; S. Tomkins; Ana Valdivia; G. B. Druijff-van de Woestijne; L. Viana; F. Villesèche; W. Duncan Wadsworth; F. Wanders; K. Watts; J. D. Wells; C. E. Whelpley; A. Won; L. Wu; A. Yip; C. Youngflesh; J.-C. Yu; A. Zandian; L. Zhang; C. Zibman; Eric Luis Uhlmann Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In this crowdsourced initiative, independent analysts used the same dataset to test two hypotheses regarding the effects of scientists’ gender and professional status on verbosity during group meetings. Not only the analytic approach but also the operationalizations of key variables were left unconstrained and up to individual analysts. For instance, ... More information

UW Health University Hospital

Date: 01/07/2021 Author(s): Roberto García-Castro Document type: Case The case focuses on UW Hospital's approach to improve the accuracy of breast cancer detection using machine learning. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin assembled a unique data set comprising 569 examples of breast cancer biopsies to train a classification model (e.g., logistic regression or classification tree) for breast cancer detection. More information
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