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Research Papers  Pay attention to your dataset: on calculating risk premiums

Raponi, Valentina; Robotti, Cesare; Zaffaroni, Paolo Moving from theories of risk premiums to their managerial implications: IESE's Valentina Raponi breaks down her recent research on estimating and testing beta-pricing models into digestible bits. Read article

Articles and Opinion  When morals meet models: ethics in banking

Beunza, Daniel Has our reliance on financial models gone too far? In the post-crisis order, more and more people are taking ethics in banking seriously. Here is how managers can take back control. Read article

Research Papers  4 ways family firms are letting outside investors in

Neckebrouck, Jeroen; Meuleman, Miguel; Manigart, Sophie More family businesses are opening up to external investors these days. IESE's Jeroen Neckebrouck maps out four main scenarios, based on two key questions, and points to their governance implications. Read article

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