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Research Papers  How a company's financial structure affects its stock returns

Teng Huang; Anil Kumar; Stefano Sacchetto; Carles Vergara To diversify a portfolio of stocks, choose companies with different financial structures. Why? Because the stock returns of companies with similar levels of financial flexibility are more closely correlated. This finding is even more pronounced in times of crisis. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Bankable advice: 6 timeless money tips for volatile times like now

IESE Insight What to do with your savings, especially in a market marked by pandemic volatility? IESE's Javier Estrada goes back to the basics of sound financial planning, along with a few books and other resources that may help. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Calculating the cost of climate change

Carles Vergara The coronavirus was only the latest disaster to hit real-estate markets. Now is the time to think more, not less, about the effects of climate change on your business. Read article

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