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Articles and Opinion  Do we need corporate purpose to improve corporate governance?

Jordi Canals In recent years, the debate over purpose has reemerged and gained traction. Is a clear sense of purpose what's needed to make companies more effective and socially responsible? Here are three discussions that may lead us closer to the answer. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Having a clear purpose drives performance

IESE Insight A corporate purpose beyond profit maximization is associated with better firm performance under certain conditions, according to recent research by Wharton professor Claudine Gartenberg. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Can boards afford purpose and sustainability during the pandemic?

Fabrizio Ferraro While in crisis mode, some may doubt that companies can continue to focus on improving their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. But there's good reason to believe that ESG is an astute indicator of corporate resilience. Read article

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