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Studies and Reports  Corporate venturing enablers: How they help open innovation

Julia Prats; Josemaria Siota In corporate venturing, "enabler" institutions, such as universities and VC firms, are increasingly key: They help established companies join forces with startups and benefit in return. This report on open innovation aims to elucidate the enablers' roles. Read article

Studies and Reports  Corporate venturing with deep-tech start-ups: Lessons learned from Asia

Josemaria Siota; Mª Julia Prats; Vittoria Emanuela Bria In just five years, investment in deep-tech start-ups has quadrupled to reach more than $60 billion in 2020. A new study offers advice to help larger companies team up with deep-tech start-ups, gleaned from cases in East and Southeast Asia. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Mix novelty and familiarity to move from niche to mainstream

Diego Zunino; Stine Grodal; José Luis Suárez Help your new product to "cross the chasm" and reach the "zone of adoption" with these practical tips. Read article

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